Who is Memolift and what is the relationship with Attengo?

Memolift is an online comprehensive neurocognitive training program that addresses cognitive impairments in focus, attention and memory. We use AttenGo software, that has been proven in many countries, treating thousands of individuals with huge success. Attengo’s solution includes a pre-assessment test to evaluate the difficulties, following on matching a training program for the user’s needs, age and symptoms. Attengo is being used in various countries, Memolift handles marketing and support in Asians countries.

For Who is Memolift’s training program?

Thanks to our unique technological system, that matches the right exercises to the trainees condition, our program gives an excellent solution to different needs. It treats both light and severe conditions, for all ages.
Our program ,using Attengo software, is suitable for children or adults, who are experiencing attention, concentration and/or memory problems related to various conditions. for example, ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, dyslexia and memory loss associated with injury or aging.

I understand that your program treats different kinds of conditions (Alzheimer’s, ADHD, improving memory). Is the training program the same for all of them?

Memolift’s programs does in fact treat ADHD, alzheimer’s and memory improvement. We can do that thanks to One of our most unique abilities, which is to adjust training programs according to different specifications: age, personal challenges and growing levels of difficulties. This is done on the basis of our comprehensive assessment, that determines which exercises will be done, and in what order.

What if my child isn’t diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, can he still benefit from Memolift’s program?

Yes. For sure. Training with our program will drive your child to further improve attention, concentration and memory skills, and reach his or hers full potential. Just as physical training, also in this case, You will see results in better academic performance: your child will remember better, process information faster, and will solve mathematical equations faster than the average child.

Can AttenGo cure my child’s ADHD?

ADD and ADHD are regarded as conditions that cannot be cured, but research has shown that their severity can be reduced. Our experience has proved that training with AttenGo will show significant changes, Such as improvement of cognitive functions and behavior, as well as reduction in hyperactivity & impulsivity, and many others.

What conditions related to memory improvement does your program treat?

Memolift’s program will work for different situations and conditions. It will improve abilities for individuals who have compromised memory as a result of an injury, (such as stroke or head brain injury) as well as decline of memory due to aging. It is important to emphasise that our program, using Attengo’s solution, is also proven to be highly effective for children with different learning disabilities or for students who would like to improve their memory capacity in order to do better in their studies.

How long does the whole training program takes, and when will I see results?

Most people finish the program between three to six months.
After a few weeks of training, changes will be noticed.
two-three months into the training program improvements in concentration, memory, and attention will occur.

For how long will the improvement remain?

We are talking about a long-term change. The program teaches the trainee a skill. it is the same as balancing yourself, when learning how to ride a bike. Once the brain learns the balance skill, it remembers it, and the skill is implemented. From this point, the learning is deeper, and old habits are harder to get back to.
The brain will repeatedly use the new skill. It cannot be forgotten.

I finished rhe program. What should I do now?

Our brain, just as our body, is capable of changing and learning throughout our lifetime. That is, as long as we keep challenging it and practice on a scheduled routine.
Saying that, you can stop training, when you get the achievement of your desired level – and that is great.
You can also decide to keep training and level up for reaching your full potential of the brain. Our program is unique as it adapts the exercises to your current level, so you will keep challenging yourself.

In what countries has your program being used?

Attengo software has been active since 2006. Based in Israel, their software has treated thousand of children with ADD/ADHD and improving memory skills and treating Alzheimer’s for elderly people, all with huge success and excellent credentials. The software is being marketed also in the USA, France, and now in asia, through Memolift.

Can you guarantee success?

In our case – the numbers talk. We have proven results, with Our experience in treating thousands of people- children and adults. We learned that consistent training will lead you to noticeable results. That is why we have the policy of full money back guarantee. we are confident in our program.

Regarding ADHD treatment, how can I know that there’s progress in my child condition?

The Attengo software gives you up to date scores, according to the trainee’s progress. We recommend that you monitor closely and frequently the scores, so you know the exact point your child is at, in his or hers training program.
You can do all that in the “My progress“ section in the software.
Besides that, you should see evident signs in the child’s behavior :
He or she will gradually become calmer and concentration will improve. You will see that your child spends more time doing homework, and will be more organized.
With all that said, you probably will get feedback from your surroundings – teachers, friends etc.,and see positive changes in their academic or behavior.

What makes Memolift’s program more effective than other sulotions?

Basically, our program solves the problem from its root.
other solutions may deal with the surface such as Coping skills – improve reading or behavioral skills, which is good, but they don’t treat the core of the problem.
Memolift’s solution, based on Attengo software, solves the issues on a neurocognitive level. This way, it enhances the ability to process information, store data and recall it in a more efficient way. Also, this treatment will improve focus abilities , attention, and concentration whenever necessary.
Our solution is based on years of clinical experience, and we see the immense impact it has for the long term.

Is there any clinical proof for the effectiveness of your solution?

Besides the proven success of the thousands of users of Attengo software, there are several independant academical studies and clinical trials that have tested and proved the efficiency of the solution in different manners.
Here are some examples:

The Efficacy of Computerized Cognitive Training in Adults with ADHD: A Randomized Controlled Trial (Published in the Journal of Attention Disorders, Apr 22, 2014)

The trial examined the effectiveness of web-based cognitive training intervention using the AttenGo Cognitive Systems. Participants were adults over 18 years old, diagnosed with ADHD. Conclusions from the study, together with a previous pilot study conducted in this field, indicate that there is potential for intervention with this type of computerized cognitive training, which may enable improvements in cognitive skills affected by ADHD.

Can Cognitive Remediation Improve Mobility in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease? Findings from a 12 week Pilot Study with AttenGo Training

A recently published study headed by Prof. Jeffrey M. Hausdorff used AttenGo’s cognitive training to test the novel hypothesis that cognitive training can help patients with Parkinson’s Disease gain improved mobility. Executive Functions are generally impaired in PD patients and considered to be related to the level of impaired mobility.
The study examined patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, before and after 3 months of Executive Function training using the AttenGo system.
The study’s results:
(a) Participants showed significant improvement in overall cognitive scores and general improvement in attention and executive function measures throughout;
(b) Participants who showed a 5-point or greater improvement in EF scores also showed improvement in walking patterns on certain tasks (walking while subtracting numbers);
(c) Participants showed improvement in the TUG task (testing for mobility).
Reference: Milman U, Atias H, Weiss A, Mirelman A and Hausdorff JM. Can Cognitive Remediation Improve Mobility in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease? Findings from a 12 week Pilot Study. Journal of Parkinson’s Disease.
PMID: 24322063 | Pubmed Link (Feb. 2014)

Can Cognitive Training improve Attention, EF and Mood Disorders?

Eighty nine children of elementary school age participated in the study (56 in the study group, 33 in the control group). The aim of the study was to test for changes in attention, EF, and mood in children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, following the use of the AttenGo program.

Results: Significant results were found on the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Functions (BRIEF) scale.
Margalit Padeh, PhD and Orit Barret, PhD.
Faculty of Occupational Therapy, Medical School, Tel-Aviv University

What happens if I want my money back?

We are confident that if you practice regularly, you will definitely see results. That is why We hold a policy of 100% money back guarantee.
If you complete the training program, and the assessments will indicate that there is no improvement, you will absolutely receive a full refund.

What am i expected to see in the exercises?

In order to achieve the best impact and enhance visual and auditory memory capacity, the program uses flash cards. With that, Content related sections include names, numbers, words, objects, shapes, colors and more.
Using those tools, enables improvement of sequencing, spatial memory, and long-term memory

Is the training program a video game?

The answer is no. Not because we don’t like video games. Video games are a great recreation, and they have many advantages. But they don’t treat ADHD or improve your memory, or improve any fundamental cognitive issues, while our program does.
If video games would have an impact on theses phenomena, there would be very few children with ADD, as so many kids play these games for long period of times, almost daily. Games create a high stimulation environment, which enables all of us to focus during the game.
Many individuals with attention deficits may succeed in focusing in the game, but perform poorly when low stimulation is involved. For example, learning new material, reading, listening to the teacher in the classroom.
Our training program emulates these environments to enable users to generalize results and implement them in every area of life where cognitive processing is required.

What are the basic technical requirements for the software?

  • You can use AttenGo with both a PC or a Mac (the program doesn’t work on tablets yet)
  • 1 Giga RAM
  • Sound card and speakers
  • Internet connection

What if the system doesn’t work, who can help us?

We are here to serve you along your journey. Just send an email to our support team, and we will be back to you within one day.

For any further questions or assistance, please contact us at support@memolift.com