Welcome to Memolift

The only program that is custom designed to help with memory loss, improve your child’s academic success, and combat Alzheimer’s disease.

The customized MemoLift program targets the memory centers in the brain and exercises them much like you exercise your body to be healthy. Our clinically proven system works to improve memory functions for people of all ages; from young children to the elderly. Improve memory skills, treat ADD and ADHD, and prevent Alzheimer’s – all with one simple, affordable system – MemoLift.

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Are you ready to improve your memory and increase your success?

Memory Improvement

MemoLift offers a unique memory program that improves memory including visual and auditory memory, information processing, storage and retrieval, recall and recognition, and working memory. Improve your memory in just minutes a few days a week.

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Improve Symptoms of ADD and ADHD

Attention Deficit Disorder, whether combined with hyperactivity or not, is an issue that can’t go unaddressed. Many children who are diagnosed are immediately put on medication to control characteristics. Try the MemoLift Cognitive Training system first. You’ll be glad you did.

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Fight Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a horrible disease that eats away precious memories. Our scientifically designed custom program will target weak areas of the brain and force them to work. The Brain Fitness module does a wonderful job rebuilding memory pathways in the brain and combating Alzheimer’s.

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Measurable Results

Track your results with ease using our easy-to-use dashboard. Your scores will be kept from month to month, as every student is reevaluated every 21 days. You can see all of your previous scores at a glance, which allows you to see your results very quickly and easily.

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How it works

Effective and easy to use

Enhance Brain Activity

Enhance Brain Activity – Exercising the brain is similar to exercising the body. The more active your body is, the easier you can do things. Our Brain Fitness program enhances brain activity and makes your brain healthier.

Personalized program

Personalized Program – We begin by evaluating your precise needs. You will need to take a 10 minute evaluation so that we can better-match you with modules in our program. Every module is customized for your needs.

Boosts Motivation

Boosts Motivation – Better cognitive skills and better memory skills give people more self-esteem. Our program boosts your self-esteem which boosts your motivation because you’re no longer worried that you’ll forget something important.

Focus on Your Success in 3 Easy Steps!

Fast results

Lasting Results in Minutes

Reduce ADD & ADHD Symptoms

  • Increase Attention and Focus
  • Reduce Distractibility
  • Increase Cognitive Abilities

Improve Life Skills

  • Time Management Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Improve Social Skills

Memory Improvement

  • Improve Short Term Memory
  • Improve Cognitive Skills
  • Access Memory Easier
MemoLift works in just 30 minutes a day 3 times a week to produce results in as few as 3 months!

Training Programs for Memolift

Choose one of our three training programs. We have programs to fit any budget. All of our MemoLift programs have a 30-day money back guarantee!
Monthly Subscription
$99/ Month
Unsubscribe anytime!

You Get:

Pre-Training Assessment
Monthly Renewable Program
Full Progress Monitoring
6-Month Subscription
$89 / Month
Total payment of $534
you save $60
30-day, full money-back guarantee

You Get:

Periodic Assessment
180-Day Personalized Program
Full Progress Monitoring
12-Month Subscription
$69 / Month
Total payment of $828
you save $360
30-day, full money-back guarantee

You Get:

Periodic Assessment
365-Day Personalized Program
Full Progress Monitoring



  • “Thank you for such an amazing program! I always thought I was just different or slow, or not good enough for certain jobs. Your program has shown me that I can still learn and become a better version of myself. MemoLift has changed my life.”

  • “I could never thank you enough for the MemoLift program. It’s helped me stay more focused in college, and I’ve even started improving my GPA after just a few months. This product is a Godsend.”

  • “My son is 8 years old and has been on ADHD medications for 4 years. We started using your program and I could see dramatic changes in his behavior after just a few weeks. His doctor has reduced his medication after 8 months on your program and we’re discussing the possibility of taking him off of medication entirely. Thank you!”

  • “I’m writing to thank you on behalf of my family. Our mother was beginning to have memory loss and other cognitive issues until we purchased your program for her. She started showing signs of memory improvement within a couple of months of starting with MemoLift. You have given us our mother back! She remembers things much more easily now, so we thank you.”